Food and Cash Assistance

The first place for anyone to go when in need of assistance is 211, they have all resources and numbers available to help with any financial need. 

If you are still in need of food or financial assistance, and live in Wood County area, we work through Wood Area Ministries (WAM). We are on their board of churches. We donate regularly to keep this ministry alive, so that our community members have a place to go, where they will receive the love of Jesus, as their needs are met. We do not keep monies at our church, nor do we have the space to house a food pantry, our solution is to participate and fund Wood Area Ministries to meet your needs.  Click here to fill out the form for help.

Emergency Prayer Request

If you are in need of emergency prayer contact Deb at 419-618-0138

Sometimes, life feels like an emergency, but we like to limit our emergency prayer requests to the following list because our prayer warriors really do stop everything to pray over our emergency prayer requests. 


a)Life Threatening Illness/Occurrence

ex: Heart Attack, serious bodily injury

b) Intensive Care Admissions

c) Situations that involve life flight, loss by fire, acts of nature

Other prayer requests may be emailed to the office or put in the Sunday offering plate on a prayer card.

If you would like to become a prayer warrior, and pray over the above needs of our congregation, text deb and give her your name and number or email that you would like to receive requests on. 

Members Assistance

If you are a member of CCBG and find yourself in need of benevolence, please contact Rick Rowe, our elder in charge of benevolence. You can find his number in our member directory. Please remember our church office does not have access to funds for benevolence so you do need to go through an elder. 

A Helping Hand

If you are elderly, widowed, single mom, disabled, or temporarily recovering, and just need a little help with a household project, please contact Ron Stewart so that he can find someone to help you meet that need. We are called to serve along side each other but also to care for those who are unable to care for themselves and we would love to help you!